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Tell Us About Your Watch

Answer a few questions about the watch you are selling and provide some pictures so that we can get a good idea of the model and condition.

Choose to Accept or Reject

Once you receive our offer you will have the option of accepting the offer and continuing to the next step or you can reject the offer. If you choose to reject the offer, we will terminate the transaction.

Your Comfort Is Our Goal

At this step, if you choose to proceed with an account, we will set one up with your contact information and will fund the account. If instead, you choose to deal with us directly we will proceed to the shipping stage.

Let's Get That Watch Shipped

Your dedicated representative will provide you with an insured and secured overnight shipping label to our inspection facility where our team will inspect your watch prior to payment.

Time for Our Experts to Take a Look

They will check for authenticity, condition, and whether it's completely factory-built or includes after-market parts. If the watch does not match the original description we may revise our offer. If you choose to accept the revised offer, we will send payment immediately. If you reject the revised offer, we will ship the watch back to you at our expense. If the watch is counterfeit, we will ship the watch back at your expense.

You Get Paid!

Once the inspection is complete and the item matches your original description your payment will either be released via if that was the original method or we will send you a bank wire or check, whichever you prefer.

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